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Nanotechnology: Collaboration is the name of the game

Nanotechnology is a field where collaboration of many areas of science, people and institutes is built into the core. Before exploring further into the science of nanotechnology, it would be beneficial to all those who read to explore all the surrounding aspects of nanotechnology. One of the reasons for the buzz around nanotechnology is the 2008 Lux Research forecast of $3.1 trillion market for nanotechnology related industry by 2015. According to those predictions Europe was supposed take the lead while USA and Asia to take second and third places respectively. Due to global economic slowdown and some concerns created around the safety of nanomaterials, this expected market growth never took place. The current assessment is that the nanotechnology will grow to be $49 billion market by 2017. – See more at:


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It’s time for Sri Lanka

It was 1996 April. I was getting ready for my final exams at the university of Peradeniya. The world cup final was supposed to begin at 3.35 PM. I left the library where I was studying and came directly to the Jayathilaka hall canteen at 2.30. Turned the TV on and sat on the front bench. I did not stand up until Sri Lanka was crowned world champions. Sri Lankan team was heavy underdogs against the formidable Australia then. It was a mix of young and experience players. No teams was too big for them as they clinically defeated every team they faced.

Today in few hours, Sri Lanka is facing India in the world Twenty20 final. Sri Lanka has been here before. They are the incumbent runners up of this tournament. Given the history and the superiority of the Indian team, no one is giving us a chance. Sri Lanka is heavy underdogs again. Let’s forget the current situation for a moment. Sri Lanka was the heavy underdog facing New Zealand just before the semifinals. They were the heavy underdogs facing West Indies in the semifinals. Both games they were unfazed. They were clinical. The young and the experience player mix is working.

I am sure few more parallels could be drawn to 1996 such as their Semi finals was also interrupted before finishing.

There were many disturbing things behind the scene. Selectors (whose chairman was not even capable of taking Sri Lanka to a world cup semifinal) is interfering with the team too much. The appointed captain was made to sit. Luckily Sri Lanka players don’t have huge egos. Many fans were trashing the current captain Malinga before all of this. Politics is interfering with Cricket way more than ever.

Given all that the real cricketing brains of Sri Lanka actually gets activated in the middle where all that interference is minimal. Cricket is about using the talents of the players effectively in the middle. So far they have done it. India could be a monumental climb but if they can stay unfazed, this day will belong to Sri Lanka.

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One of mine

In the private sector the word “team” gets abused and over emphasized. At least that is my opinion. Seemingly when there is no team the managers keeps on throwing the word at you thinking that just by repeating the word “team” will automatically make the team to appear. In some sense I understand that. At a certain education level that might be the case. If you are dealing with people who are able to think for themselves, they will form their own opinion no matter what the managers do to make up a team. The moment that happens the managers effort becomes useless.

Talking to our HR managers I have realized office politics is a very common thing. I agree too. After all it is people from variety of backgrounds and educational levels working together in any given work place.

Recent happenings at work made me thinks of how to be in a team. To be precise what conditions one would have to fulfill if I am to be a member of their team. Please do not misunderstand this. I don’t have a separate team. I belong to the team of my company/team/department/etc., but I will call that my team. In my mind if the person  next to me to be included in my team (or the person next to me wants me to be a member of his/her team) him/her needs to fulfill certain criteria. So I list…

  1. I should be able to trust the person. If that person get caught in playing double games, get caught in lies, get caught spying on me, I will not be in a team with that person.
  2. I should be able to have faith in that person. When that person needs me, I will be there for him/her but reciprocity of that is expected. You could call it selfish but I think the TEAM is a collectively selfish concept
  3. That person should be able to speak his/her mind (may be at least in confidence). If that person speaks someone else’s mind or to put it in other words mouth piece of someone’s, no can do…I will not be part of that person’s team.
  4. Independence is the key. If you don’t have independent mind, if your thoughts/ideas are someone else’s or they are being controlled by someone else, I would be reluctant to be a part of your team.
At the moment that’s all which comes to my mind. I will expect readers to add more. That is if anyone reads my blog any more 🙂

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