By the numbers…

One year has past from my first post. I did not even noticed. This is the 50th post. Now, that one I noticed. Unlike Taboo, people have read me only 6000 times. Every one cannot be Taboo. In any case I like reading the other bloggers. Lately, I missed that too.

One of my bosses at the new job gave me some solid advice. He told me to keep up with my reading and writing. I whole heartedly agree with him. I am usually a lousy writer. Sometimes my brain works when I sit in front of the computer, sometimes it freezes.

Talking about the numbers, our education minister is trying to make Mathematics not compulsory. I have written about this previously too. This proposal has been rejected by the cabinet twice. He still keeps on talking about it. I wonder why he could not do this about religion. Religion should not be a compulsory subject.

Another one of my bosses writes a column on daily FT. In one of them he was writing about the number of astrology columns vs the number of astronomy columns. Sri Lanka lacks a culture of science. I find it very hard to get the word nanotechnology out to the public.

Here is one example. We ship 80,000 metric tons per year of Ilmenite to foreign countries. We only earn $ 8 million for that. Ilmenite is use to extract titanium dioxide, which is a vital ingredient used in the paint industries. The point is we import titanium dioxide. Only 5000 metric tons per year. We pay $ 12.5 million for it. I guess math should not be compulsory after all. It doesn’t seem to work.

I see people have given up on the country. They have waited for things to fall on their laps and have forgotten how to work hard to get what they want. It is easy to dig and sell rather than invest and work hard to  add value.

I must say, Not every industry is like this. Tea finally learned the lesson. The tea industries got together and finally passed the earnings of Kenya on a smaller volume. So hurray for Sri Lankan Tea!

There are some gloomy numbers too but everyone is talking about them. So I will let that “deer skin” go for this time. On the 63rd independence day, let’s try to be independent from our own selves!


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2 responses to “By the numbers…

  1. Personally Sri Lankan culture must change, we are still hanging on tocaste systems and other bla bla that is holding our development and our country moving along with the society

  2. I agree but societal change may not come at once. Individual change do happen fast. I see lot of changes in the society from what it was when I was a kid. Do what you could do, may be just may be that is the start people are waiting for…
    Thanks for the comment

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