Time to write again…??

Well….after a long silence I realized it is time to write again. Apologize to anyone who followed me.

I am back in Sri Lanka. Have been for little more than a month. Have been working in a fast pace private company. The only legitimate nanotechnology company. It has been fun. Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of things, I will not be able to talk about my job.


There are tons of things I wanted to write. Frankly I have been very tired after work. Mostly because the  travel to and from work takes the fun out of everything. I have tried every form of travel possible except for walking the 20 km. Buses waste lots of time. Roads are crap. Yes some roads like the road in front of my house is carpeted. I am not sure why. That has made it very hard to cross the road as people drive very fast. Also it is very hard to walk as there are no side walks. Instead there is big dip on either side of the road.

When we were little, we were told to walk on the right side of the road. How many people do it now? Even on the right side all the vehicles drive within inches from my face. I met a school teacher today on the way back home. She told me how the school kids have deteriorated compared to our school days. We both arrived at the same conclusion the TV. Man..I have never seen so much crap on TV anywhere else. People watch them (including my peeps at home) religiously.

Cricket is everywhere. I am losing my cricket love. Every round about, every junction, every TV station, even on school note book covers, cricketers are there. If you want a kid to learn something at school, why not have a scientist’s face on a note book. What possibly could your kid learn from Jayasooriya on your kid’s note book. I can list few things but I rather not.

Oh yeah, I have been waiting to write these in Sinhalese but again tiredness makes my brain to freeze. So until I really get used to Sri Lankan system, bare with me.

Finally, there is a bo tree about 100 yards from my house. Every morning at 6 am pirith is being played at that place. So no late sleeps anymore. Funny thing is that I heard through the grapevine that the guy who takes care of the place is a petty thief. Now that is one step closer to the “Dharma Rajjaya”. May all religions attain nibbana.


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11 responses to “Time to write again…??

  1. Good to see you back here,..
    I know, it’s not easy to adjust to the SL system when you were adjusted to US system for a long time….
    I was fed up with the system when I went for a vacation just for a couple of weeks,…
    SL is a very resourceful country that can be developed if the leaders have a good vision,…. Unfortunately, that’s what they don’t have…

    Good luck with your work. Nice to hear that the attitude in SLINTEC is at least in a fast phase,….

  2. It’s my first visit here.But I prefer your idea “A system which has not worked is not what we want”Wish u good luck.

  3. hey Muditha aiya nice to read your stuff again… hope everything is going fine out there… it will take sometime to get back into the SL groove… “deshe hatiyata waase thamayi, 🙂
    will write to you soon…

  4. chathura gayan

    why u always criticize Buddhism and Sinhalese Buddhist culture and our history……. u never criticize stupid Christian culture

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