To the morally confused…

Sri Lankan police is seeking public’s help to identify 77 women and 4 men who they think are porn stars. I read in few places that they are not really porn movies but video clips and images captured by boy friends, girl friends, husbands and wives and meant not to be seen by public. In that case people who first made them public, the Sri Lanka police department, the magistrate who ordered them to be publicized and the websites (at least I have seen on 2 of them) and the only news paper which they appeared should be held accountable by these men and women.

It is sad that the Sri Lankan police department is even failing to identify what a porn movie is. In the old days if you walk along the pavements of Colombo, you could have seen one very close to the Maradana police station. Only you will have to ask the guy who is squatting near the fake movie poster “ayya is this the one they are showing”. I have read in the news paper that sometimes the police raided these places and took everyone to the station. Minors have been handed to their guardians.

Recently at the Rutgers university a young male student committed suicide because two of his friends broadcast a video of him kissing another guy. I read stories about young girl suicides in Sri Lanka because they were insulted by the neighbors about their love affairs. Isn’t taking them to news papers the ultimate defamation of character? What if they all commit suicide? Is that what they deserve? What if even just one of them commit suicide?

Most of all, if any of these clips were not meant to be seen by public when they were made, people in those videos are victims themselves. Victimized by someone whom they trusted. Now the government who should have taken their side is re-victimizing them.

What about the people who hosted these videos on websites? What about the people who made the actual porn movies (people who funded them, people who filmed them edited them etc. etc.)? What about the people who watched them and even masturbated for those? An educated or a well off person would not go act in a porn movie for fun (well the numbers would be infinitesimal). Mostly they do that because they can’t find another job. This is no different from trying to stop the illegal drugs by arresting the users and the street corner dealers. The big sharks always roam free from the legal net.

Why isn’t the police publishing pictures of child molesters and rapists, murders and thieves including the pick pockets? I guess being poor and uneducated is a far worse crime.

I agree we should make the younger generation aware of these technological and new generation boobie traps. We should make them aware that a small lapse in judgment may ruin their future. I am sure as hell this is not the way. We have something called parenting. Very effective weapon when used right.

While I am at it, what about legalized gambling. One of my friends said it stops money going out of the country. She forgot about the poor schmucks who is going to blow all they earn on a wheel of fortune. Believe me I have no problem with legalized gambling. I have been to Vegas and blown $20 for fun. I have also seen a new casino built in the city of Pittsburgh. At least the city of Pittsburgh were honest. They said they are doing it for the tax revenue and to provide jobs. I have listen to both sides of the issue. Did anyone read the Sri lankan parliamentary debate about this bill in the papers?

It is funny how some of the parties who promote moral agendas in the government either vote for these bills or not show up but hold a press conference opposing it. It is funny how you the public keep your mouth shut while you let morally bankrupt hypocrites decide what your morals are. It is you who can not drink yet politicians can accept publicly that they like to take a drink in the evening or hold drinking parties in their houses or shoot guns in or outside bars. It is the politicians who close bars in “holy cities” yet another one order them open. It is you who can not watch porn yet the well off asses can buy you for their pleasure. It is you who is going to blow all your money on the black jack table and the politicians are going to own the casinos.

It is you who is morally confused not them. They know exactly what they are doing.


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4 responses to “To the morally confused…

  1. Mudhitha, thank you sharing your views. Very true that most of us in Sri Lanka are morally confused. Especially due to the double standards and hypocrisy. I am all for legalizing and then controlling gambling. However, it should be done for the right reasons, and right reasons should be discussed rather than this smoke and mirrors act. We are becoming a nation of double standards. This is the Thai model and I don’t like it at all. BTW my own thoughts regarding the ‘porn’ issue is here

  2. RJ – like minds think alike? I think you guys should include a way for people to reply on your site. May be move it to wordpress?

  3. arunishapiro

    Nice! Sri Lanka seriously lack open forums to engage in civil debates on morality.

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